Use No Hooks release lost album ‘The Job’

Lost recordings from Melbourne's little band scene are now available to stream

Today (March 6), ’80s Melbourne disco punks Use No Hooks released ‘The Job’, a collection of lost recordings from 1979-1983. Listen to it below.

The album features the pre-released singles ‘Do The Job’, ‘Circumstances Beyond Our Control’ and ‘The Hook’. Live versions of ‘Your Services Are No Longer Required’ and ‘Do the Job’, which were recorded at Melbourne University in 1983, are also included in the tracklist.


The album is available as a royal blue-coloured vinyl LP, featuring a printed inner sleeve with liner notes. The vinyl version is only seven tracks long, all recorded in 1983, while the digital version features six additional songs, recorded in various locations over different periods.

Earlier this week, Use No Hooks members Mick Earls and Stuart Grant led a discussion of the band’s history at a farewell for Polyester Records. Use No Hooks told The Age last week that Earls and fellow bandmate Arne Hanna have begun writing again, and plan to record new material.

The band are the most prominent act still playing from Melbourne’s little band scene in the late ’70s. The scene stemmed from designated club nights where bands would get on stage for 15 minutes at a time.

“There was no expectation or pressure placed upon us to make music that might, one day soon, become popular. This was an enormously liberating thing for musicians, but even more so for non-musicians who might themselves like to have a go at getting some music together to perform live,” Earls told Noisey in 2016.

“It was in this atmosphere that the ‘Little Band’ movement emerged.”