Vacations drop glistening new single ‘Avalanche’

Ahead of the release of their second album next month

Newcastle outfit Vacations have marked their third release of the year today, with new single ‘Avalanche’ – listen to it below.

‘Avalanche’ is the first new track from the band since they experienced global, viral TikTok fame off the back of their 2016 song ‘Young’, causing them to hit the top 30 on the US Viral Chart on Spotify.

Explaining how ‘Avalanche’ came about, frontman Campbell Burns said in a press statement, “There was this breaking point for me where we had a US tour with like, 30+ dates and a lot of money, time, and energy invested and it just fell apart and wasn’t possible for us.


“Nate sent through a demo with the title ‘Avalanche’ and I found the lyrics coming together based just off that title, and with that cancelled tour in mind.”

‘Avalanche’ follows the release of ‘Lavender’ and ‘Panache’. All three songs are set to appear on the band’s second album ‘Forever In Bloom’, which is due out on September 18.

“Forever in Bloom was pieced together over the course of a year through friendship and collaboration,” the band said in a press statement accompanying the release of ‘Panache’ last month.

“There were so many people involved in this project at every stage.”