Vallis Alps’ Davey drops new single ‘N.I.4.N.I.’

The follow up to debut single 'NOT ME'

Vallis Alps‘ David Ansari is keeping busy in 2020 with his solo project, Davey, and now he’s dropped his second-ever single with ‘N.I.4.N.I’.

Pronounced ‘an eye for an eye’, the track is the latest cut Davey has released from his forthcoming self-titled debut EP, set for release at some point this year.

Listen to ‘N.I.4.N.I.’ below:


“I’ve always thought of N.I.4.N.I. as a modern interpretation of an early 2000’s euro festival track,” Davey said of the track in a press statement.

“I knew early on that I wanted a hardstyle bridge that was bookended by big, halftime drops, but what tied it together was this weird sample I found of someone breathing so hard that it’s almost theatrical; it just gave the song this unsettling, ‘beginning of the Thriller video’ type energy.

“I also wanted a grainy, Limewire-era-mp3 feel to N.I.4.N.I., so there’s distortion everywhere,” he continued.

“I tend to obsess over the minutiae of sound quality, but sometimes it’s more fun to make a song with no sound quality at all.”

‘N.I.4.N.I.’ is the follow-up to Davey’s debut single, ‘NOT ME’, which saw him team up with Seattle-based rapper Sol.


Outside of his solo project, Vallis Alps celebrated their 10-year-anniversary of meeting one another in August by giving a live (via isolation) rendition of their track ‘Reprieve’.