Vallis Alps return with shimmering new single ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’

The pair described it as "an ode to breaking from the past into a better and more truthful future"

Vallis Alps have returned with their first new music in half a decade, sharing the emotive and atmospheric single ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’.

It’s a fitting comeback for the Sydney-based duo, as they explained in a press release that the song was inspired by the way their relationship evolved over the span of their creative hiatus. The pair – comprised of singer Parissa Tosif and producer David Ansari – described the track as “an ode to breaking from the past into a better and more truthful future”, and noted that they “deliberately chose to switch up and repair the dynamics and direction of our longstanding friendship to be more unified”.

Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’, written by Rhea Shukla and directed by Tanmay Chowdhary, below:


Expounding on the genesis of ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’, Vallis Alps said that thematically, the song “encapsulates the confusion, pain and delight in the breaking points before major life decisions”.

They continued: “We built the sonic landscape around handclaps; the sound of hands coming together in the opening seconds of the song felt intimate and primal and ultimately set the tone for a slow crescendo of imperfect instruments – toy pianos, iPhone-memo glockenspiel, detuned synths, yells – culminating into a halftime pressure-release at the end of the song that resolves the tension built throughout.”

‘Set It Off, Set It Right’ comes as Vallis Alps’ first release since 2017, when they dropped their second album ‘Fable’ as well as the standalone singles ‘Oceans’ and ‘So Settled’.

In the interim, Ansari launched his solo project Davey, which has thus far released one EP – an eponymous six-track effort, arriving in December 2020 on the back of singles ‘Not Me’ and ‘N.I.4.N.I.’. The project has also released one standalone single ‘Supra’, which came out this past May. Also in 2020, Tosif linked up with Mansionair‘s Lachlan Bostock to debut a children’s music project, Big Kids.

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