Vera Blue muses on torturous love with grand new single ‘The Curse’

Blue’s long-awaited second album is nearing the horizon

Vera Blue has shared a striking new preview of her forthcoming second album, winding back the energy for a soaring ballad titled ‘The Curse’.

Drawing parallels to her 2017 hit ‘Mended’, the new song centres Blue’s rich and reverberant tenor against a backdrop of bold grand piano chords, synthesised strings, modulated vocal clips and stabbing 808s.

Thematically, ‘The Curse’ is described as “what happens when true love can feel like torture”, inspired by an acquaintance of Blue’s that fell in love with a close friend and had to “reckon what that might mean for the friendship itself”.


The track arrives with an accompanying video directed by Tim Madden, showing Blue playing along to it on a piano in a pitch-black studio, before snow begins to rain down on her. Have a look at the clip below:

In a press release, Blue further described the ways she gleaned inspiration from her friend’s turbulent experience: “When I see my friends hurting or going through something, it hurts just as much as it would if it were myself. I am a big empath so raw emotions immediately come to the surface.

“When writing ‘The Curse’, I’ve found myself inspired by the lives of those I’m close to, yet all these things that I’m writing about, I relate to 100 per cent and have happened to me. It’s almost like it’s happening all over again, but my perspective is on the outside.”

She noted that it had “been a long time since [she’d] put out a song like this”, and teased more songs in the melancholic vein of ‘The Curse’. “I think it’s time to show those raw emotions again,” she said, “in more of a deep, heavy way, with more sadness.”

‘The Curse’ marks the first song Blue co-wrote with her partner and producer, Billy Johnston, who came into the mix after Blue wrote an early version solo on her home piano. On the process, she said: “I think the most unique thing for me was the trust and openness we had when writing together. I felt a new level of fearlessness to say certain things I normally wouldn’t.”


When it came to making the song’s video, Madden “didn’t want edits or the usual music video tricks to be an unnecessary distraction”, so he endeavoured to film it in one continuous shot – entirely in slow-motion, with no special effects or convoluted set pieces – so that the clip would “allow us time to feel Vera Blue’s emotion, as it’s a very raw and emotional song”.

The director continued: “[Blue] is a fantastic performer and on a really challenging shoot, when there’s no cuts, everything has to go right or you could get 90 per cent into a take and have to start over because the smallest thing went wrong. Not to mention, the video is in slow-motion too, meaning Vera had to perform everything twice as fast, the snow had to fall at the right time, the crew had to move lights into position mid-take, it’s like a dance.”

‘The Curse’ comes as Blue’s first release for 2022, following up on last October’s ‘Temper’ single. Both songs are expected to appear on her as-yet-untitled second album, which she’s teased regularly in the years following her 2017 debut, ‘Perennial’. In the five years since that record came out, she’s dropped a further four singles: ‘All The Pretty Girls’ in 2018, ‘Like I Remember You’ and ‘The Way That You Love Me’ in 2019, and ‘Lie To Me’ in 2020.

Yesterday (May 24), Blue was announced for this year’s edition of the Townsville festival Day Trip, where she’ll perform this August alongside Spacey Jane, Skegss, Winston Surfshirt, Alice Ivy, Benson and more.

Back in January, she appeared on triple j’s Like A Version segment, covering The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber‘s hit song, ‘Stay’. It marked her second headlining appearance on the segment – having covered Jack Garratt‘s ‘Breathe’ in 2016 – as well as her third overall, joining Flume, Kai, Ngaiire and Kučka to cover ‘My Boo’ by Ghost Town DJs that same year.

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