Vera Blue returns with new ’80s pop-laced single ‘Temper’

The follow-up to her 2020 single 'Lie to Me'

Vera Blue has made her return today (October 14), releasing an anthemic, ’80s pop-inspired new single, ‘Temper’.

“I don’t know whether it’s made up, but people always say redheads are a bit fiery, and that we have a bit of a short fuse,” Blue said of the nature of ‘Temper’ in a press statement.

The song itself is a light, bright affair, capturing jaded sentiments in a rumbling bassline and ’80s-style handclaps.


“This song’s about grabbing hold of that emotion and trying to suppress it so you don’t scare your partner away,” Blue added. “It makes me dance, but it’s also got that emotional edge.”

The track dropped alongside a music video, in which Blue performs ‘Temper’ live in-house backed by a full band.

Watch it below:

According to Blue, the song is a first for her, having been written – with her friend Carla Whebe and Robby De Sa (Gretta Ray, MAY-A) – from trying to understand the emotional perspectives of others.

“It’s really interesting writing a song about what you’re not feeling at the time – it just flows because it’s almost like you’re out of body, so I found it quite enjoyable,” Blue said.


“Writing ‘Temper’ was about experimenting, and making me feel something different from music, which I love.”

‘Temper’ is the first new music from the singer-songwriter  – real name Celia Pavey – since she dropped her hit single ‘Lie to Me’ in September of last year.

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