VERIVERY’s Minchan apologises over comments about ex-classmate’s appearance

“I will also contact her directly and apologise to her”

Minchan of K-pop boyband VERIVERY has issued an apology for comments he recently made about a former classmate and fellow K-pop idol’s appearance.

In a recent V Live broadcast, Minchan had shared his experience of meeting a celebrity for the first time after a female idol had transferred to his middle school. Although the moment in question was removed when the livestream was later uploaded, a screen recording from the original video has quickly made its rounds on Twitter, with some fans criticising the idol for his comments.

“I had thought, ‘Oh, so this is a celebrity’, and my fantasy [of celebrities] was shattered,” Minchan said of the idol. “I thought all celebrities would be extremely pretty or handsome, as if they had come from another world […] but seeing her in school, her looks were not really extraordinary.”


Two days after the livestream, Minchan took to Twitter, through the official VERIVERY account, to issue an apology for the comments he had made.

“I sincerely apologise to everyone who felt uncomfortable with my words and actions during the livestream on V Live on the 6th,” he wrote. “In order to ensure this does not happen again in the future, I will become [someone] who is careful and takes his actions seriously.”

“I will also contact [the individual he had mentioned] directly and apologise to her,” Minchan added. “I am deeply reflecting on my actions and rash words, and apologise once again.”


In other K-pop news, former Day6 member Jae Park has issued an apology to soloist Jamie after making derogatory comments towards the singer during a recent livestream. Park later took to his own Twitter page to apologise “to Jamie and everyone about what I said”.]

“It was most definitely a comment made in poor taste and I feel terrible for making Jamie feel the way she does,” he wrote.

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