Vika and Linda announce first album in 19 years, ‘The Wait’

The singles 'Raise Your Hand' and 'My Heart Is In The Wrong Place' are out now

Sister duo Vika and Linda Bull have announced their first original album in 19 years, ‘The Wait’, will arrive later this year.

Arriving on September 17 through Bloodlines, ‘The Wait’ includes songwriting credits from longtime collaborator Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers, Cold Chisel’s Don Walker and Bernard Fanning, among other well-known Aussie artists.

“It took us three times to make this record, it kept getting delayed,” Linda said in a statement. “And we’ve been waiting 19 years to make this record…Waiting for more songs. Waiting for the right opportunity.”


Coinciding with the announcement, the pair have released two new singles, the country-tinged ‘Raise Your Hand’ and blues-rock track ‘My Heart Is In The Wrong Place’. The former is a fan favourite at Vika and Linda’s live shows.

Listen to the two singles below:

“As soon as we sing ‘raise your hand’, the hands go up in the crowd,” Linda said.

“With all that’s going on at the moment, this song is relevant in so many ways. It’s anthemic – raise your hand, speak up, say what you want, don’t be ignored.”


Vika and Linda’s last original LP was ‘Love Is Mighty Close’ in 2002. Last year, the duo released ‘Akilotoa’, an anthology of their back catalogue, and ‘Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso)’, a collection of covers.

Vika and Linda’s ‘The Wait’ tracklist:

1. ‘Raise Your Hand’
2. ‘Like A Landslide’
3. ‘Teeth’
4. ‘My Heart Is In The Wrong Place’
5. ‘Not The Same Girl’
6. ‘Since You’re Gone’
7. ‘Pigface And Calendula’
8. ‘I Miss You In The Night’
9. ‘Lover Don’t Keep Me Waiting’
10. ‘Hand Grenade’
11. ‘Rabbit Hole’
12. ‘The Long View’