Watch Violent Soho’s animated music video for ‘Canada’

The track appeared on their 2020 album 'Everything Is A-OK'

Violent Soho have released an animated music video for their 2020 track, ‘Canada’. It’s the Brisbane outfit’s first clip since sharing a live video of the same track in June last year.

‘Canada’ originally appeared on the group’s fifth album, ‘Everything Is A-OK’, which they dropped in April of 2020.

The music video for ‘Canada’ begins with the band’s animated likenesses receiving a visit from police following a noise complaint. The clip then tracks the cartoon characters as they perform in a variety of real-life settings.


“‘Canada’ is one of our favourite songs from ‘Everything Is A-OK’,” said the band in an accompanying statement.

“We’re dreaming of a better world. Here’s us on an iceberg.”

Watch the clip, animated by Doug Bayne and Trudy Cooper, below:

In January, Violent Soho scored two entries in triple j’s Hottest 200 of 2020. Their two singles from last year, ‘Lying On The Floor’ and ‘Pick It Up Again’, charted at #117 and #113 respectively.

‘Everything Is A-OK’ featured at #17 in NME’s list of the 25 best Australian albums of 2020.


“This record is proof that Violent Soho’s best days aren’t behind them, even after 16 years in the game,” NME’s David James Young said of the album.