Violent Soho share ‘The Making of Everything Is A-OK’ documentary

A behind-the-scenes look at the album's recording process

Violent Soho have shared a new short film that documents the recording of their latest album ‘Everything Is A-OK’.

The film was directed and edited by Tim O’Keefe, and was largely shot at The Grove Studios in Somersby, New South Wales, where the band recorded the album with producer Greg Wales.

Watch it below:


The documentary is comprised of footage of the band recording the album in-studio, as well as interviews with members discussing the process.

‘Everything Is A-OK’, Violent Soho’s fifth album, was released last month. It earned the band their second number one on the ARIA Album Charts upon its release, after the Mansfield four-piece’s previous album ‘Waco’ topped the charts in 2016.

Speaking with NME Australia back in April, guitarist and vocalist Luke Boerdam discussed taking a different approach with the writing and recording of ‘Everything Is A-OK’ than earlier records.

“We wanted to keep it real and let it slowly come together, and then decide we’ll only make this record if we have the tracks we want to put out and we feel like there’s been a shift in direction and there’s a reason to put this record out,” Boerdam said.

“We just stripped everything back and didn’t make the album about this heavy thing we had to do with all this weight and pressure, and just made it more as if we were making a record like we were 18 years old, when we first started our band. That took away any anxiety or preconceptions about what we need to do, then it became enjoyable again.”


Earlier this month, Violent Soho live-streamed ‘Everything Is A-OK’ playing from a boombox in an empty Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.