WA’s Good Day Sunshine festival to have rotating main stage in world-first COVID-safe format

Josh Pyke, John Butler and Xavier Rudd are all set to play

Western Australia’s Good Day Sunshine festival has announced it will have a rotating main stage in an effort to be COVID-safe in a world-first format.

The festival has a total capacity of 5,000 people but will be split into quadrants, with each quadrant having a maximum capacity of 1,250 people. According to representatives for the event, this will lower the likelihood of virus spread, allow contact tracing to be conducted faster and make it easier for punters to adhere to the current one person per two-square-metre rule.

Each quadrant is named after a famous surfing spot in the area of Busselton – where the festival is being held – and in the centre will be a rotating main stage called ‘The Turntable’.


The quadrants, named Cobblestones, Windmills, The Point and Injidup, will each have their own bars, food stalls, merch stands, smoking areas and more.

The creator of the format, Macro Music CEO Ross Macpherson, said that he’s been working with “local council, police, health and various other stakeholders” to ensure that this format fits with the current safety guidelines in place in the state.

“All have been incredibly supportive of our ideas,” he said in a press statement.

“We will be monitoring the situation, and we are in constant contact with the relevant stakeholders. Should the situation in WA change, we will work to whatever guidelines are needed. The health and safety of our patrons and the state of WA are our top priority. And of course, if a situation arises that prevents us from going ahead, we will be prepared to refund tickets.”

“I would be flattered if this format was to be used by other events in Australia and across the world,” he continued.


“The sooner we can get large scale live events back up and running, the better for everyone.”

Good Day Sunshine is taking place at Busselton’s Barnard Park on Saturday October 31, with the likes of John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Josh Pyke and more set to play. Tickets are on sale now via the event’s official website.

The festival was supposed to go ahead earlier this year, but was postponed due to initial social distancing restrictions.