Watch over 100 Wheatus fans come together to perform ‘Quaranteenage Dirtbag’

The band's classic single has been recreated on a variety of instruments and kitchen utensils

Over 100 Wheatus fans have covered the band’s classic single ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ during the coronavirus quarantine.

Wheatus frontman Brendan Brown announced the ‘Quaranteenage Dirtbag’ challenge in March following the cancellation of the band’s 20th anniversary tour due to the pandemic.

According to the band, 106 fans from 16 different countries submitted videos of them covering the single, which was originally released in 2000. Participants recreated the song on traditional instruments, including guitars, banjos, drums, double bass and flute, and more unorthodox vessels like kitchen utensils.


“Quaranteenage Dirtbag was created during the coronavirus lockdown in March/April 2020,” a note on the YouTube page reads. “Thank you to everyone who shared their time and talents with us.” Watch it below now.

Wheatus recreated the song themselves earlier this year as part of a project to remake their self-titled debut album. The record was recorded on the now-defunct format ADAT, while Brown gave his copy of the master recordings to Sony.

Last year, US R&B singer SZA covered the classic track during her Australian tour, giving the release a pop twist.

Meanwhile, Brown appeared on BBC Two’s Politics Live in 2018 to share his views on Brexit. His appearance on the show left some viewers confused, but the frontman explained touring the UK had allowed him to speak to young fans about the country exiting the EU.


“It has occurred to me that the young people who we come across are very concerned with not being able to move freely,” he said. “They’re suddenly staring down the barrel of a closed island.”

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