Watch 1300’s eclectic take on PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ for Like A Version

They also performed their own original single 'Rocksta'

Korean-Australian collective 1300 have made their debut on triple j’s Like A Version segment, sharing an eclectic cover of PSY’s viral track ‘Gangnam Style’.

The outfit’s animated rendition of the song aired today (March 18), taking the electronic and rap elements of the original and making it their own. They bring a new, multidimensional energy to the South Korean cut, incorporating various tempos, sounds, and vocal styles.

Speaking of the song in a post-performance interview, vocalist rako said: “‘Gangnam Style’ was the first Korean song that went around the whole world and…”


“Put Korea on the map,” interjected fellow vocalist, goyo.

“We want 1300 to do that,” rako added.

Check out their cover of ‘Gangnam Style’ below.

The rap collective also performed their own original song ‘Rocksta’, released earlier this week. Watch that below too.


‘Rocksta’ arrived with news that the outfit will be releasing their debut mixtape ‘Foreign Language’ on April 29. It’ll also feature last month’s single ‘Oldboy’, inspired by the Korean film of the same name.

Back in 2021, the outfit released a slew of standalone cuts, including ‘Brr’, ‘No Caller ID’ and ‘Smashmouth’. They’re set to perform at Yours & Owls festival in Wollongong in early April, and will be hitting the road in August for Confidence Man‘s upcoming Australian tour.