Watch a face-painted Emerson Snowe stumble down the street in the video for ‘Man, It Don’t Matter (What They Say)’

Snowe’s new EP lands on streaming services today

Brisbane singer-songwriter Emerson Snowe has shared a bold new video for his track ‘Man, It Don’t Matter (What They Say)’.

The clip sees Snowe, his face painted white with black eyeliner leaking down his cheeks, stumble down a street as he mouths along to the warbly, introspective indie-pop track. It was filmed and edited by Snowe in tandem with Miriam Marlene Waldner, shots split between Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Watch the video for ‘Man, It Don’t Matter (What They Say)’ below:


‘Man, It Don’t Matter (What They Say)’ is the third single from Snowe’s latest EP, ‘Emerson Snowe’s Splatterpunk’, following ‘Frankenstein’ in February and ‘You’re My Boy, Baby!’ in May. The EP was released today (June 23) through Liberation, and is described as “a collection of songs influenced by identity, selfishness, gore and optimism”.

The EP was written, recorded and produced entirely by Snowe himself. In a press release, he compares his dialogue on the record to Will Smith’s character in Hitch – “The romance coach who is able to show others how to love each other, but is unable to do so himself”.

“I’m writing music that people can enjoy and be uplifted by, but most of the time I’m unable to take my own advice,” he said.

“I genuinely thought I was writing really uplifting music (when I made ‘Splatterpunk’), but I listen back now and realise I wasn’t doing so well emotionally, maybe even physically. I feel as an artist all I can do is show my bare bones and have the EP as a diary entry of my time here on earth. So that’s that.”