Watch Akosia ruminate on love in her ‘Speechless’ music video

The visual was inspired by the 2016 science-fiction film, 'Arrival'

Melbourne neo-soul artist Akosia has shared a new single, ‘Speechless’, along with an accompanying music video.

The Ntombi Moyo-directed video touches on both the highs and lows of love – from milestones in a relationship to unexpected moments of tragedy.

In a statement, Akosia explained its narrative was based upon an event she experienced in her life, combined with her enthusiasm for the 2016 science-fiction film Arrival.


“I experienced a major loss during the developmental phase of the video and wanted to express how fear crept into my life through the visuals,” Akosia said.

“I am a huge sci-fi fan and a little bit obsessed with the film Arrival, so I paid homage to it through metaphoric storytelling and a plot that explores the cyclical nature of time and the lengths we go to for love.”

Watch the clip for ‘Speechless’ below:

“If you’ve ever been deeply in love, you’re familiar with its bliss. I wrote ‘Speechless’ when I was honestly enchanted, almost engulfed by this feeling,” Akosia added.

“I felt untouchable, like the world was completely open to me. I wanted to share this feeling in a way that people can connect to. ‘Speechless’ seduces. It pulls you back to the moment you first felt the intoxication of love. It will engulf you, it will take your breath away.”


The song was produced by Jerome Farah, known for his work on Baker Boy‘s ‘Meditjin’ and Kian‘s ‘Waiting’. It marks the second official release from Akosia, following her 2019 debut single, ‘Don’t Say’.

In September, Akosia was introduced by Tones And I on an episode of live-streamed music series The State of Music. She performed alongside singer-songwriter Ed Moon and R&B artist Jaydean.