Watch Alice Skye’s cinematic music video for ‘Party Tricks’

Her new album, 'I Feel Better But I Don't Feel Good', drops in July

Earlier this month saw the release of Wergaia/Wemba Wemba singer-songwriter Alice Skye‘s latest single ‘Party Tricks’, and now she’s unveiled a music video that matches the song’s grandeur.

Directed by Triana Hernandez with Nick Mckk handling cinematography, the video is meant to “give a nod” to Horsham, Gariwered – otherwise known as The Grampians – with Skye singing in a white dress against various natural landscapes, like country roads, mountains and sunsets.

Watch the music video for ‘Party Tricks’ below.


“Alice & I conceptualised ‘Party Tricks’ hoping to achieve emotional rawness at its best. As opposed to all previous clips we’ve worked on together, ‘Party Tricks’ has no narrative or twists,” Hernandez said of the video.

“[It’s] all one big visual avalanche of intensity, featuring sacred spaces where Alice grew up and where thousands of her childhood and teenage feelings were being safely held by country for years.

“When directing it, I felt like we were finally releasing these feelings into the ether, capturing them on camera and that’s what you witness in the video.”

‘Party Tricks’ is the fourth single we’ve heard from Skye’s forthcoming album ‘I Feel Better But I Don’t Feel Good’, due out on Friday July 23 via Briggs‘ label Bad Apples Music.

It follows on from the album’s title track which dropped back in 2019, as well as last year’s ‘Grand Ideas’ and ‘Stay In Bed’.


Next week, fans can expect more new music from Skye as she features on Moby‘s forthcoming album ‘Reprise’, due out May 28, which consists of reworks of hits throughout his discography.

Skye will also head off on a co-headlining east coast tour with fellow singer-songwriter Elizabeth next month, kicking off in Adelaide before wrapping up in Ballarat in July.