Watch Alison Wonderland perform stripped-back version of ‘Bad Things’

“here’s my song bad things live & stripped back cos I miss shows”

Alison Wonderland has shared an emotional, stripped-back performance of her latest single ‘Bad Things’.

On Friday (November 6), the beloved Sydney producer-turned-International export shared a video of her singing the track, accompanied by two band members on guitar and drums. The performance climaxes at the chorus, showing Wonderland owning the production, as lights dim.

“Here’s my song bad things live & stripped back cos I miss shows,” she captioned the tweet. Watch the COVID-safe performance of ‘Bad Things’ below.


‘Bad Things’ was released back in September, as Alison Wonderland’s first taste of new music in 2020.

Additionally, she dropped a few unofficial tracks, including a collab with Californian indie artist phem, titled ‘WWCBD?’. The moody track referred to Tiger King, posing the question ‘What Would Carol Baskin Do?’. She also used her virtual set during the Lollapolooza livestream to cover ‘Disarm’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. 

Wonderland caused a stir on Twitter recently, when she changed her username to Lil Pump, whilst mocking the Trump-supporting rapper.


She quickly changed in back after people kept mistaking her for the real Lil Pump, as the presidential election heated up.

Yesterday (November 8), Alison Wonderland capped the stint off by expressing her happiness for America now, after the election was called and Joe Biden was named the 46th President of the United States.

“I am very happy for America right now. It has felt so divided over the past 4 years. a lot of people been exposing who they really are.

“Also finally! A President who believes in science again!”