Watch Amy Shark collaborate in the studio with Ed Sheeran

As part of the singer's 'FOREVER, AMY SHARK' video series

Amy Shark has shared footage of her working in the studio with Ed Sheeran on their collaboratively-written single ‘Love Songs Ain’t for Us’, and discussed how the song came about.

In the third episode of the singer-songwriter’s FOREVER, AMY SHARK docuseries, Shark and Sheeran are shown writing the song together in London.

In an accompanying interview, Shark describes the process as “a very surreal experience” and praises Sheeran as “one of the best songwriters in the world”.


Watch below:

“I just remember [Sheeran] asking me if I write songs about my man, and I was like, ‘Ed that’s so beautiful’. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I guess I do a little bit, but love songs aren’t really… they’re not, like, for us’. And I just remember, within five minutes he was just like, ‘Well, I think that’s what we’ll do then’, and he just started singing, ‘Love songs ain’t for us’,” Shark recalls in the video.

“We both were talking about how funny it is at the start of a relationship where you’re so nervous and so insecure, and you admit little things to yourself, like, ‘I’ve got butterflies about this person’… Yeah, it’s great having that first butterfly thing, and some people are addicted to that, and they just keep wanting that. They’re addicted to those butterflies. I’m more addicted to eating the burrito and being comfortable with someone,” Shark explains.

“It was just fun talking to him about that… how fun is it when you find someone you connect with and you can grow with, and that becomes the fun. I think that’s a real strong point in the song.”

Elsewhere in the clip Shark also discusses working with Keith Urban, who is a guest vocalist on the track.


“I decided that I needed someone, it needed to be a real class act, you know? Just someone who is very well-respected and just a pro. I mean, Keith is all those things.”

‘Love Songs Ain’t for Us’, the fourth single from Shark’s forthcoming album ‘Cry Forever’, arrived last month. The emotive ballad followed previously-released tracks ‘Everybody Rise’, ‘All the Lies About Me’, and Travis Barker collab ‘C’MON’.

Earlier this month, Shark shared the album’s latest single ‘Baby Steps’. On the day of release, she performed it for triple j’s ‘Like a Version’ segment, along with a cover of Fall Out Boy‘s ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’.

‘Cry Forever’ is set to arrive on April 30 via Wonderlick/Sony.