Watch Angie McMahon perform a “lullaby” version of ‘Slow Mover’

She also revealed she's writing songs for a new album in lockdown

Angie McMahon has shared a video of her performing a “lullaby” rendition of her single ‘Slow Mover’.

The video was released by Levi’s Music Relief Fund, which announced McMahon as one of its grant recipients this morning (August 13). The performance was recorded at The Perch Recording Studio in Castlemaine – watch it below.


In a email newsletter, McMahon shared the tracklist and release date for ‘Piano Salt’, an EP collection of reworked songs from her 2019 debut album ‘Salt’.

It’s set to be released on October 2 this year, with five reimagined piano renditions of ‘Salt’ tracks and two covers – ‘Born To Die’ by Lana Del Rey and Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The River’. The singer-songwriter first premiered the EP song ‘If You Call’ featuring Leif Vollebekk on NME Australia in May.

Pre-orders for ‘Piano Salt’ are open here.

Along with the new clip and details, McMahon revealed she’s writing songs for a second record during Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. She also shared activities that are helping her get through.

“Every day I write Morning Pages (a tool described by Julia Cameron, if you look it up, I highly recommend doing morning pages every day!!!) and I’ve also been doing Yoga with Adriene on youtube (highly recommend this too), and lots of abstract and strange painting to express myself,” McMahon wrote.

“I’m feeling very close to nature and my body at the moment, and working on writing more songs to make a second record down the line.”


The tracklist of ‘Piano Salt’ is:

1. ‘Soon (piano)’
2. ‘Slow Mover (piano)’
3. ‘Keeping Time (piano)’
4. ‘The River (piano)’
5. ‘If You Call ft. Leif Vollebekk’
6. ‘Born to Die (piano)’
7. ‘Pasta (piano)’