Watch AURORA perform with Hans Zimmer at Earth Prom 2022

The singer and the composer helped launch the upcoming BBC documentary 'Frozen Planet II' at the event

AURORA joined Hans Zimmer at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC’s Earth Prom on Saturday night (August 27) to perform ‘Take Me Back Home’ with the composer.

The acclaimed composer and producer recently teamed up with Camila Cabello on the new track, which features in the trailer for the upcoming documentary Frozen Planet II.

AURORA joined Zimmer and an orchestra at the iconic London venue for the performance, taking on Cabello’s vocals as scenes of wildlife showed on a screen behind the musicians. Narration by David Attenborough also played over the footage between the singer’s lines.


“An unforgettable night bringing the sounds of #FrozenPlanet2 to Royal Albert Hall with @AuroraMusic and the whole team,” Zimmer wrote on Instagram yesterday (August 29).

“Our work with Sir David Attenborough and the @BBC Natural History Unit is the most important work any of us have ever done. It’s not fiction— it is the truth. The truth that shows us how much we love this planet that we share and are inextricably interlinked with all fellow creatures.

“And how, like all profound love stories, we need to be mindful and care greatly if we are not to lose everything.”

AURORA also shared a message on Instagram over the weekend, sharing her excitement at being involved with Frozen Planet II, which she helped launch at the event. “United by the warm hands of music x,” she wrote. “FROZEN PLANET II is like nothing I have ever seen before. I am truly honoured to be a part of its soundtrack. My little heart is trembling of joy. Beloved Mother Earth.”


After calling it an honour to work with Zimmer and Attenborough, she added: “Our world and our environment has always been a heart matter for me. I’ve believed that communicating her beauty, and her importance through art, music, and film is what touches us the most.

“It shows us what it is that is worth saving, it stirs our natural instinct. Being a part of this incredible project, working with such wonderful people – has been an absolute honour. I can’t wait for the world to see the world though the eyes of herself. Captured with patience and respect, and made with love.”

Frozen Planet II is available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer at 8pm on September 11.

Last month AURORA shared ‘A Potion For Love’, a single that was previously only available on vinyl. “When I wrote ‘Exist For Love’ [the first single from ‘The Gods We Can Touch’], a celebration of the love we carry within us, I also wrote ‘Potion For Love’,” she explained at the time. “I wanted to also give something to the people who had lost their love.”

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