Watch Baio perform ‘Dead Hand Control’ live on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Pulled from this third solo studio album, out now

Vampire Weekend bassist Baio – full name Chris Baio – has celebrated the release of his latest solo album ‘Dead Hand Control’ by performing the title track on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The footage sees Baio performing from a seaside location along Portland’s Oregon Coast, however, it doesn’t just stop there.

The rest of his band is pictured in their current residencies from Paris and London to New York, Los Angeles and the Utah Canyonlands. Performers include Robby Sinclair, Kelly Winrich of the Delta Spirit, Buzzy Lee, George Hume and two members of Vampire Weekend’s touring band, Greta Morgan and Brian Robert Jones.


Watch Baio and friends take ‘Dead Hand Control’ global below.

‘Dead Hand Control’ marks Baio’s third solo studio album, following ‘The Names’ (2015) and ‘Man of the World’ (2017).

The January release received a solid four-star review from NME, which stated Baio had “become a frontman in his own right” who told stories of newfound hope through “airy, escapist electronica”.

‘Dead Hand Control’ set out to counteract the negativity and weariness of ‘Man of the World’, which Baio recently explained to NME.

“I guess my one regret on the last record is that I made it very, very quickly… I was feeling very, very raw. I wanted to make something that was very considered and deliberate this time.”


Last week, Vampire Weekend dropped a new EP ’40:42′, featuring two remixes of their track ‘2021’. The cut originally featured on 2019 album ‘Father of the Bride’, which marked their fourth studio album together.