Watch Ball Park Music play a stripped-back version of ‘Day & Age’

Live from the band's studio

Ball Park Music have shared another live performance from their studio Prawn Records HQ. This time, it’s a stripped-back rendition of their latest single, ‘Day & Age’.

The alternate version of the track only features frontman Sam Cromack and keyboardist Paul Furness on upright piano. Cromack fills out the sound with some seriously stunning synth flute sounds, and finishes with a self-effacing reflection on his performance: “Sweet. Well, I made a few little fuck ups.”

The video itself is again directed by guitarist Dean Hanson, noted for his photography work outside the band. Watch it below.


Ball Park Music released a similar studio performance of ‘Spark Up’ in May, featuring just Cromack and Hanson. Both tracks are taken from their forthcoming eponymous album, due out October 23.

The record was originally going to be called ‘Mostly Sunny’, though the band changed it after its announcement during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The title of ‘Mostly Sunny’ “did feel like a continuation of [the band’s 2018 album] ‘Good Mood’,” frontman Sam Cromack told NME in April.

“I don’t know, I think we’re just seeing everything in a brand new light all of a sudden and we were like ‘Nup. This album feels different, we know it in our heart’.”


Earlier this week, Ball Park Music announced their own line of face masks, sporting the smirking moon from the cover of their new album.