Watch Ball Park Music play ‘Cherub’ live from their studio

NME’s premiering the Brisbane band’s performance from their first day back in Prawn Records HQ

Today NME is exclusively premiering a video of Ball Park Music playing their latest single ‘Cherub’ live in the studio as a full band. See it below.

‘Cherub’ is the latest single from the Brisbane band’s self-titled album, out October 23. In an earlier press statement, frontman Sam Cromack described it as “a song that looks curiously inward until, finally, it implodes, collapsing violently in on itself and leaving shimmering debris as far as the eye can see”. The emotional slow-burn of ‘Cherub’ is especially evident in this performance at their studio, aka Prawn Records HQ.

“After months of being starved of performing music together, this was our first day back in the studio doing what we love,” the band told NME, “and feeling the unmistakable familiarity that we feel when the five of us get together in a room to play some music (although this time we were joined by our unofficial sixth member Florence or ‘Flo’, our designated studio vibe dog).”


“‘Cherub’ is special to us,” they added. “During the song’s long journey to reach its final form, every step we took along the way felt just right. This video captures the moment where all those steps compile into one and we finally get to reap the reward of being able to perform a song together for the first time that we’re all immensely proud of and a song that we hope to be performing together for many years to come.”

Watch Ball Park Music perform ‘Cherub’ below, as shot by London Miller:

Besides ‘Cherub’, the new album ‘Ball Park Music’ will also include ‘Spark Up’ and ‘Day & Age’. The band previously shared live, stripped-down renditions of both songs performed only by Cromack and guitarist Dean Hanson due to social distancing guidelines – watch them play ‘Spark Up’ and ‘Day & Age’ here.

In April, Cromack talked to NME about the recording of ‘Ball Park Music’, explaining that the band wanted to treat the album “like a mixtape or a playlist”.


“Something we’ve always done in the past is go, ‘Oh well, how can we gel this with the rest of the record’,” he said. “And this time we were doing the opposite. We were like – ‘Let’s just put our blinders on and go deep on this particular song’. It feels even more eclectic than our other records.”