Watch Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat time travel in ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’ video

The track tackles society's expectations of women and the negative impact of social media

Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat have shared a video for their new collaborative single ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’, in which they travel through time.

The track details the negative impact of social media on society, as well as the world’s expectations of women with lines like, “Waste trainer for a tinier waist/ But I can’t help if I like the way food taste.

The video begins with Rexha, Doja, and influencers Charli D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg eating dinner at a restaurant. “Sometimes I’m so over social media,” Rexha says. “Can we go back in time to the 1800s? I bet the girls back then didn’t have to deal with any of this?”


“You’d probably die from dysentery,” replies Doja. “Bebe, you’re 31 so you’d probably be dead by now,” adds D’Amelio. But when Rexha snaps a fortune cookie in half, she begins a journey back through time – including the 1800s, 10,089 BC and the dawn of creation.

Watch the Hannah Lux Davis-directed video below:


In a press release, Rexha said: “Baby, I’m Jealous’ is a song I wrote about embracing my insecurities. It’s about the way social media has heightened my jealousy, which can affect how I feel about myself. We are constantly flooded with the highlights of other people’s lives, and at times I find myself comparing my worth and beauty to others.

“It’s part of the human process to experience jealousy – ultimately, this is an anthem to embrace those feelings as a form of empowerment.”


Earlier this year, the pop star said she would delay her next album “until the world is in a better place.”

“I can not wait for you to hear it,” she told fans on Twitter. “It’s just that we don’t feel like it’s right to release an album during these times.”