Watch Boo Seeka and Golding perform a ‘Never Enough’ meets ‘Alone. Together.’ mash-up

Recorded live at the Gold Coast's Miami Marketta

Australian electro-pop duos Boo Seeka and Golding have linked up to perform a mash-up of their most recent singles, ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Alone. Together.’, respectively.

Accompanied by bassist Ian Peres, the two outfits joined forces at Gold Coast venue Miami Marketta to record the slick rendition, which runs just under eight minutes.

Golding’s 2020 track ‘Alone. Together.’ kicks things off; a velvety offering sung by vocalist Jay Bainbridge, injected with some backing vocals by Boo Seeka’s Ben Gumbleton.


After a quick instrumental changeover, the song then bleeds into Boo Seeka’s ‘Never Enough’, which the pair released last year.

Check it out below:

Sharing the clip on Instagram last night (March 8), Boo Seeka wrote “To celebrate all things friendship, courtship and new music, we’ve got together with our good friends @golding_music to mix and mash our latest single ‘Never Enough’ with their latest release, ‘Alone. Together.'”.

The duo also teased that fresh music is on the way, adding “Ps. Celebrate this now and get ready for a new music announcement this coming Monday!”.


‘Never Enough’ was one of three new singles Boo Seeka released last year, alongside ‘Take A Look’ and ‘Days Get Better’. The songs are set to appear on the duo’s forthcoming sophomore album, their first since 2017’s ‘Never Too Soon’.

Golding’s ‘Alone. Together.’ was their only 2020 release, receiving the remix treatment from Touch Sensitive.

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