Watch California Girls’ Halloween-inspired video for ‘Body Work’

New album 'Beat Boy' is out today

Sydney-via-Canberra producer Gus McGrath (aka California Girls) has shared a new clip for latest single ‘Body Work’. The track appears on McGrath’s new album ‘Beat Boy’, which is out today (August 21) via Dero Arcade.

The video for ‘Body Work’ – directed by McGrath along with Jacob Reid – sees the producer playing around with Halloween imagery, and has an eerie found footage feel to it. Watch below:


McGrath shared ‘Body Work’ earlier this month, the final single to be released ahead of the release of ‘Beat Boy’ today. The track has been a longtime live staple during California Girls performances, and was originally the album’s namesake. It samples poet and friend Madalyn Trewin, whose work is also interpolated on previous single ‘Small Birds’.

‘Beat Boy’ is McGrath’s second album under the California Girls name, following up 2016 debut ‘Desire’. The album sees McGrath subvert traditional pop frameworks to explore notions of identity and selfhood.

NME recently included the record in its 10 Australian album picks for August list, saying the album “takes a raw, decidedly punk approach to the typically glossy pop machine, using its hallmarks as cues for experimentation as McGrath howls over a bed of frenetic percussion and throbbing electronics”.

“Its bare, confessional nature offers a result that’s both incredibly intimate and cathartic.”