Watch Camp Cope’s take on Sam Fender’s ‘Seventeen Going Under’ for Like A Version

The trio also performed the title track of their upcoming album, 'Running With The Hurricane'

Camp Cope have taken to triple j’s Like A Version studio to cover Sam Fender‘s hit single, ‘Seventeen Going Under’.

The NME February cover artists took to the triple j studio today (February 25) to perform their version, joined by their touring guitarist, Jennifer Aslett. The trio’s take begins as a slow and pensive piano-led ballad, gradually building to deliver a rollicking, powerhouse rendition.

Watch Camp Cope perform their version of ‘Seventeen Going Under’ below:


In an interview following the performance, the band’s Georgia Maq and Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich discussed how ‘Seventeen Going Under’ resonated with the band.

“When I brought it to the band, I knew they could relate to it in a lot of ways, too, because it touches on things like toxic masculinity and boys clubs, which we’ve done with our own music,” explained Hellmrich.

“Part of the reason why we chose this song is because it went viral on TikTok, because a lot of women were using the line ‘I was far too scared to hit him / But I would hit them in a heartbeat now’ to voice their experience of gendered violence,” added Maq.

“The fact that it resonated with so many women was just incredible and also completely devastating.”

Notably, the outfit tweaked the lyrics for the song’s narrative to reflect the experience of growing up in Australia, compared to the original song’s story of growing up in England.


“It’s kinda scary to change lyrics, because you don’t know how the artist who wrote the song, if they hear it, like, what they’re going to think about it,” said Kelso. “The meaning of the song is now different.”

Additionally for their Like A Version, Camp Cope performed ‘Running With The Hurricane’, the title track from their forthcoming third studio album. Watch that below:

Announcing the album last month, Camp Cope explained the album and song title were named for Australian folk band Redgum, of which Hugh McDonald, Maq’s late father, was a member.

Maq said on Instagram at the time that she didn’t like the Redgum song “but the title buried its way into my soul and it felt like my life had been boiled down and summarised by those four words”.

Fender’s ‘Seventeen Going Under’ is the title track of his second studio album, released last year. It featured a slew of singles, including ‘Get You Down’ and ‘Spit Of You’.

The release received a four-star review from NME and was awarded the number one spot in NME‘s The 50 best albums of 2021, an achievement the Geordie artist said in an interview with NME “means the world to me”.