Watch Cat & Calmell cover Nelly Furtado’s ‘Maneater’ for ‘Like A Version’

Marking the final 'Like A Version' performance of the year

Cat & Calmell have been tasked with delivering the final Like A Version performance for triple j in 2021, and they opted to cover a Nelly Furtado 2005 hit ‘Maneater’.

The Sydney duo opened their cover of the classic track with an a capella rendition of the song’s chorus, before introducing heavy percussion and sultry, Latin-inspired guitars.

In a post-performance interview, Calmell said that the pair opted to perform ‘Maneater’ due to nostalgia.


“We wanted to do a nice throwback song that, as grown women, we can make sexy now!” she said.

“When you were nine years old and singing ‘Maneater’, it was a different vibe,” Cat followed.

Talking about their interpretation of the song, Cat said, “We really love having a big moment and a bit of a build.

“Nelly’s original version is quite sexy the whole way through, and we wanted to start it soft with the A Capella version and keep building and building to that big last chorus.”

In addition, the pair performed their original track ‘Dramatic’, which dropped at the top of this year and led their debut EP ‘Life Of Mine’. Watch that performance below.


Speaking of the EP, the duo said it “encapsulates a time in our lives that was full of a lot of excitement, but also a lot of uncertainty.”

“It’s such a time-stamp of our slightly younger and slightly more reckless days. A lot of the songs on this EP were written a while back, so it’s nice to see where we were and where we came from both in terms of our music and our headspace back then.”

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