Watch Drapht cover Lime Cordiale’s ‘Robbery’ for Like A Version

He also performed 'Hypocrite' with Eli Greeneyes from his latest album 'Shadows and Shinings'

Perth hip hop stalwart Drapht has taken to the triple j studios for Like A Version, covering ‘Robbery’ by Lime Cordiale.

The rapper’s rendition retains the core of the original cut, but with plenty of his own twists. Dramatic instrumentals, a trio of backup singers, a flute section and a rap verse mid-track leave Drapht’s mark on the song, culminating in a bold cover.

“I never wanted to do one of these things and just play it safe and do a hip hop spin of another hip hop song,” Drapht – real name Paul Reid – said in his post-performance interview.


“I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone … keep the core nature of what the Lime Cordiale dudes had from the get-go, but make it sort of line up to the record that I just put out.”

Watch Drapht’s version of ‘Robbery’ below.

As is typical of the segment, the rapper also performed his own original track. He opted for ‘Hypocrite’ featuring Eli Greeneyes, which you can watch below.

It’s the second time Drapht has appeared on Like A Version, having covered ‘Frankie Sinatra’ by The Avalanches back in 2016.


He released his seventh studio album ‘Shadows and Shinings’ in September, after dropping the first track ‘Shadows On My Walls’ in July. It follows on from his last LP, 2018’s ‘Arabella Street’.

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