Watch Dune Rats and friends cover The Angels’ ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ for ‘Like A Version’

They were joined by Ruby Fields and members of Totty and Beddy Rays and Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers, as well as The Angels’ own Brewster brothers

Dune Rats are the latest band to hit the triple j studio for Like A Version, covering The Angels’ 1976 hit ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ with a gaggle of special guests.

Performing as a nine-piece, the core Dunies trio were joined on vocals by Ruby Fields, Kelly Jansch of Totty (who is also the sister of Dunies bassist Brett Jansch) and Anna Ryan of Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers. Jackson Van Issue of Beddy Rays also sung and played additional guitar, as did The Angels’ own Rick and John Brewster.

In a post-performance interview, frontman Danny Beus explained that the Dunies opted to cover ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ because “it’s just been a song that’s been in our lives since we were all little kids”. He continued: “Our dads loved it, and we sort of loved it for that extra bit that isn’t in the recording, where you say, ‘No way, get fucked, fuck off!’ That was something that tickled us a bit. It’s just such a beautiful song, as well as a tough song.”


On the significance of playing with the Brewster brothers – the only founding members of The Angels who are still in the band – Beus quipped that “once they said yes, there was really no backing out”. He explained of the teaming up: “We got a phone call from our manager, Matty, who was like, ‘Uh, I don’t want you to freak out, but the Brewster brothers are gonna come play on the cover.’ And then we freaked out. But it was good, because it made us not want to fuck it up.”

John Brewster himself made an appearance in the interview, saying: “It was very easy for us to say, ‘Yes, we’ll come on and do it.’ And having said that, ah, what an experience – it was just great, you know, they’re wonderful. Sensational lead singer.”

Have a look at the performance (and the Dunies’ subsequent interview) below:

As is typical for the Like A Version segment, the Dunies also performed a song of their own. They opted for ‘Space Cadet’ – a cut pulled from their recent fourth album, ‘Real Rare Whale’ – which they played without the cohort of guests they had for the cover. Have a look at that below:


Dune Rats are still riding the high of ‘Real Rare Whale’, which arrived back in July via BMG and their own Ratbag Records imprint. Supported by singles like ‘What A Memorable Night’ and ‘UP’, the record also came around the time the Dunies starred in the dramedy 6 Festivals, and linked up with Ocean Grove for the joint single ‘Bored’.

Meanwhile, The Angels were recently announced for next year’s Big Red Bash – as well as its Broken Hill spin-off, the Mundi Mundi Bash – and have a documentary, Kickin’ Down The Door, hitting cinemas in December.