Watch e4444e perform ‘Wind Nocturne’ at Franks Wild Years

Stripped back from the album version

e4444e, the singer-songwriter also known as Romy Church, has shared a video performance of ‘Wind Nocturne’ at Wollongong music venue Franks Wild Years.

The track is stripped back from the ‘Coldstream Road’ album version, played with a trio setup among the venue’s musty lamps and shelves of vinyl. Watch it below:


NME Australia named ‘Coldstream Road’ one of its ten album picks for June this year, writing that it aims for “something more melodic yet simultaneously dissonant…[and] is his most ambitious and challenging release to date”.

‘Wind Nocturne’ was the first single released from the record back in April. The album was nearly doomed before its release when the hard drive containing Church’s unfinished songs was left on the roof of his car before he drove off. A few days later, Church found the hard drive smashed to pieces by the roadside — everything was lost, save for raw acoustic demos and vocal takes.

Church re-recorded the majority of the album at home in just four days. “I was working pretty much as soon as I got up till about six in the afternoon,” he said.

“It didn’t feel rushed, I just knew exactly what I wanted to do and did it. I think it kind of needed to happen. It made the album what I wanted it to be, just me letting the songs dress themselves.”

Church will launch ‘Coldstream Road’ in a sold-out limited capacity show in Wollongong on August 9, before performing two consecutive shows at The Playhouse in his native Newcastle August 13-14 – tickets to the second show are still available here.