Watch Eves Karydas, Ziggy Ramo and Paul Kelly cover Rihanna’s ‘Never Ending’

With an additional powerful verse from Ramo

Eves Karydas, Ziggy Ramo and Paul Kelly recently joined forces for a moving rendition of Rihanna‘s 2016 single ‘Never Ending’, for ABC’s The Set.

Appearing on the live music program last night (May 29), Karydas, Kelly and Ramo took the pop star’s slow ballad and added their own twist to it. Their rendition retains the track’s emotional core, but with an added depth thanks to Ramo’s additional verse and the unlikely harmony of the trio’s very different vocal styles.

Check it out below.


In addition to the cover, the artists also played their own original songs. Kelly and Ramo opened the program with the live debut of ‘Little Things’, Ramo’s rework of Kelly’s 1991 hit ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’, which was released on Friday (May 28).

Speaking to hosts Dylan Alcott and Linda Marigliano about the collaboration, Ramo said “I just felt really connected to the song”.

“We liked the song just going out in the world and taking its own course and mutating and changing; that’s what songs are for,” added Kelly.

Watch that below too.


Later in the show, Ramo performed another powerful song, ‘April 25’, from his debut album ‘Black Thoughts’. Kelly also played a solo track, ‘If I Could Start Again Today’, while Karydas performed her recent single ‘Freckles’ and 2020’s ‘Complicated’.

The Set made its third season return to the ABC last month, opening with guests Missy Higgins and Birdz, who covered Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’.

Subsequent episodes have featured performances from Miiesha and Lime Cordiale, Genesis Owusu and The Chats, Hiatus Kaiyote and Emma Donovan and You Am I and Fanny Lumsden.