Watch Fleet Foxes perform ‘Can I Believe You’ from a church on ‘Colbert’

It saw Robin Pecknold joined by the Resistance Revival Chorus

Fleet Foxes have shared a stunning performance of ‘Can I Believe You’ from a Brooklyn church on Colbert – watch below.

The track appears on the band’s recent surprise album ‘Shore’, which was released in September to mark the arrival of the autumn equinox.

The new performance saw frontman Robin Pecknold joined by the Resistance Revival Chorus at the St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, the same venue that will host the band’s forthcoming livestream gig ‘A Very Lonely Solstice’ later this month (December 21).


Watch the Colbert performance below.

Reviewing Fleet Foxes’ surprise fourth album, NME wrote: “‘Shore’ is the more consistent and jubilant sibling of ‘Crack-Up’. Probably, it’s the record Fleet Foxes fans were hoping for after the sheer brilliance of the first two albums.

“It’s maturer in sound and ideas, but retains all the hallmarks of what made Fleet Foxes so great in the first place: rich and studied folk compositions, unrivalled harmonies, stories that strike to the core of nature and human existence, and a dedication to art that emotionally lifts you off this planet.”

In an interview with NME following its release, Pecknold called the positive reception to ‘Shore’ “a real mood-booster”.


“It’s been very surreal, but great, to switch between that and checking the news with things being so insane,” he said.

Last month, the Fleet Foxes frontman revealed that Post Malone, a noted fan of Fleet Foxes, almost appeared on ‘Shore’. “We didn’t get together in time because I wanted to get the album out quickly, but I did ask him to be on it,” Pecknold explained. “He was down but we just didn’t end up having time.”