Watch G Flip perform new song ‘Unapologetic’

As part of a new campaign with underwear company Bonds

G Flip has marked her return today (September 7), delivering a performance of her new song ‘Unapologetic’.

The song was written as part of underwear company Bonds’ new ‘Unplugged’ campaign for its ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’, which are designed for people to wear during their period.

Before performing the song, G Flip – real name Georgia Flipo – explained what the song was about.


“It’s about loving yourself and being unapologetically you, even if you’ve got your period,” she explained.

Watch the performance below:

G Flip is one of six Australian artists that will be releasing a song as part of the ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’ campaign, all of which were written while the artists were on their periods. The other artists included in the campaign are Montaigne, Georgia Maq, Alice Skye, Kira Puru and Ali Barter.

Every night for the next week, a new song will be premiered, ultimately culminating in an album release containing all six tracks.

‘Unapologetic’ is G Flip’s first new song since the release of ‘Hyperfine earlier this year. She also recently featured on Illy’s latest track, titled ‘Loose Ends’.


In early July, G Flip released a new version of ‘Hyperfine’ featuring American artist Loveleo.