Watch Good Morning play a handful of new songs at LongPlay

The duo play four unreleased tracks during the primarily-acoustic session

Good Morning have shared a live session from Melbourne bar LongPlay, performing a handful of new songs.

The duo played four unreleased tracks during the primarily acoustic LongPlay Live session – ‘Arcade’, ‘I’ve Really Been Dying to Talk to You’, ‘Jelly Legs’ and ‘Diane Said’.

The set also includes a performance of ‘$10’, taken from the band’s 2018 debut album ‘Prize // Reward’. Songs are interspersed with an interview featuring band members Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons.


Watch the session below:

“Once everything was taken away that was good about Melbourne, you remembered how much you missed that stuff,” Blair said when asked if lockdown has affected the way they feel about their hometown. “Now that it’s opening up again it’s so exciting.”

“We’ve both lived in Melbourne all our life,” added Parsons. “It’s kind of nice to get reacquainted with just walking around, going to the park… It’s kind of like a reset.”

Back in September, Good Morning launched a Patreon account, with all proceeds donated towards a different local organisation or charity each month. Exclusive offers available to subscribing patrons include unreleased demos, cover tracks, livestreams and more.


Speaking to NME, Blair said the initiative was an “exercise in collectivism” and a way of making a “constant financial contribution towards organisations fighting for social equity”.

The band’s last album was 2019’s ‘Basketball Breakups’.