Watch Hurts’ arty first performance of comeback single ‘Voices’

The duo shared their first new music in three years this month

Hurts have shared their first live performance of comeback single ‘Voices’ – watch it below.

The pop duo – Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – returned earlier this month with the new single, their first since 2017.

The new single followed the pair’s 2017’s “personal pop record” ‘Desire’, and they’ve now shared an arty new black-and-white performance video of the track on Instagram TV – watch it below.


Speaking to NME this month about the new single and the band’s comeback, Hutchcraft said: “We wanted to get back to essence of what we do and who we are.

“We had to fall in love with the type of music we originally set out to make. We’ve always been drawn in by the darker elements of pop music.”

Discussing ‘Voices’, Hutchcraft called the new single “a strange and paranoid pop song,” adding: “It’s looking at how the mind can be both a force for good and a force for evil. A lot of our music is very emotionally raw but there are depths we’ve yet to mine.

“‘Voices’ is probably as raw as a sentiment gets for me. It’s something I never really felt able to write about for a while. I hope people see that and it brings them closer to who we are.”


Back in 2017, Hutchcraft shared a body positive message on social media after a Hurts track was used to soundtrack a lingerie fashion show.

“Lingerie is lovely and fun, but remember you don’t need to buy lingerie to make yourself ‘sexy’,” the frontman wrote.

“The female body image you see on billboards and television is the product of a consumerist society that cares about your money, not your happiness.”