Watch Jack Colwell debut new song ‘Private Idaho’ in Sydney

Colwell said he hopes the song tides fans over until his follow-up to 2020's 'SWANDREAM'

Jack Colwell has debuted a new song, ‘Private Idaho’, while performing in Sydney over the weekend.

Colwell performed the song at Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre Company on Friday night (March 12), as part of his joint headline show with Brendan Maclean.

Posting footage of the performance on social media, Colwell wrote, “One of the things I was most excited about at Friday’s performance was getting to debut a new song of mine, Private Idaho.”


Watch the performance below:

Colwell went on to describe it as an “unrequited love song, partially based around the Gus Van Sant film of the same name.

“When researching for the song, I learnt that Keanu (Reeves) means “The Breeze” in it’s (sic) original Hawaiian language, and the other actor is River Phoenix, which makes for this great interplay between the breeze and the river, which can interact, but never be together.”

He also said he hopes ‘Private Idaho’ ties fans over until his second album, and that it “provides a glimpse of the new world (he is) making.”

Jack Colwell’s debut album ‘SWANDREAM’ dropped in 2020, with NME dubbing it as one of the best Australian albums of the year.


Of the album, NME’s Jackson Langford wrote that ‘SWANDREAM’ “feels like he’s reached into your chest and grabbed your heart, looking into your eyes pleading us to feel what he feels.

“That’s the unmistakable gravity and power that Jack Colwell’s storytelling has, and ‘SWANDREAM’ is a story all of his own.”