Watch Jaguar Jonze’s eerie new music video for ‘Swallow’

Marking the arrival of her debut album 'Bunny Mode'

Jaguar Jonze has shared a music video for ‘Swallow’ off her new album ‘Bunny Mode’, to mark the record’s arrival.

Arriving yesterday (June 3), the ‘Swallow’ clip is another enticing visual from Jonze, who directs most of her video content herself. The eerie affair features large, shibari (Japanese rope bondage) spiderwebs, jarring, horror movie-esque choreography, and finishes with Jonze doing the once viral ‘chubby bunny’ challenge, where participants stuff their mouths with marshmallows.

Check out the video for ‘Swallow’ below.


‘Bunny Mode’ is Jonze’s much-anticipated debut album, which she previewed with a slew of sharp, punchy singles, including ‘Who Died And Made You King?’, ‘Cut’, ‘Trigger Happy’, ‘Punchline’ and her 2022 Eurovision – Australia Decides entry, ‘Little Fires’.

The artist and musician is also widely known for her advocacy work, being something of a driver behind the Australian music industry’s #MeToo movement. In 2020, Jonze shared her own experiences of sexual assault at the hands of people in the music industry, and called for others to speak out against one particular perpetrator, music photographer Jack Stafford.

This led to interviews about her experience on The Project, attending a #MeToo meeting with music industry bodies, and being appointed to a subsequent working group, which recently garnered support from the New South Wales government for a Music Industry Review into harassment and systemic discrimination.

Speaking to NME in a recent interview, Jonze — real name Deena Lynch — reflected on ‘Bunny Mode’ and her roles in activism and music, saying: “My career has been completely taken over by the advocacy. I want this album to say, ‘I am so passionate about my advocacy, but also, let me slap you in the face with my artistry.’”

“This is a landmark moment for me. It’s an album [of stories] that are extremely personal for me, and will always be emotional – but I want people to see that I have many stories to tell, and this album is just a taste of the breadth of genres and sounds and attitudes that I’m capable of.”

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