Watch Jaguar Jonze’s video for Eurovision contender ‘Little Fires’

The singer-songwriter will compete as part of 'Eurovision – Australia Decides' later this month

Jaguar Jonze has shared a self-directed music video for her Eurovision 2022 entry, ‘Little Fires’, after the track first arrived earlier this month.

Upon its release, Jonze said the song showed her sharing a “vulnerable side” that she hadn’t previously. “Little Fires is a reminder about where we’ve come from, what we are fighting for, and what we can achieve when we work together,” she commented at the time. “And, it’s a reminder that we are not alone.”

The accompanying visuals see Jonze – real name Deena Lynch – singing the track while suspended in the air by criss-crossing ropes. When the song reaches its soaring crescendo, Lynch emerges freely against a bright red backdrop. Watch it below:


“I wanted my Eurovision song to be for those moments where it was hard to stay strong, for those times I felt overwhelmed by what I had taken on,” Lynch elaborated earlier this month. “I am constantly defining what vulnerability means to me. Growing up, vulnerability was seen as a weakness, but now to me, I see vulnerability as strength.”

Appearing on The Project last week, Lynch discussed how the song was informed by her history of advocacy for sexual assault and abuse survivors in the Australian music industry in the last two years.

“‘Little Fires’ is kind of encapsulating that journey for me and allowing everyone to see the more raw, vulnerable side of Jaguar Jonze and the fight that was around the #MeToo movement,” she said.

“What makes Eurovision so good is it should be representing humanity, right? And humanity is all about the obstacles and the challenges and the adversities and how you meet them,” she continued.

“So, for me, ‘Little Fires’ is about fighting for something that’s bigger than yourself, and what amazing things can happen when you all work together, and that every little fire can be fanned into a blaze of reckoning.”


Along with Voyager, Paulini and more, Lynch is one of a dozen artists who’ll compete as part of Eurovision – Australia Decides on February 26, vying to represent the country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, Montaigne appeared on behalf of Australia with a remote performance of her song ‘Technicolour’.

‘Little Fires’ marks Lynch’s second single as Jaguar Jonze this year, after sharing ‘Cut’ last month. Last year she released an EP, ‘Antihero’, following it up with single ‘Who Died and Made You King?‘ in October.

The incendiary cut took aim at abuses of power within Australia’s music industry and sampled a 2016 speech by former Sony Music Australia CEO Denis Handlin, who resigned last year amid allegations of discrimination, bullying and harassment levelled at the branch.

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