Watch Jerome Farah’s feverish music video for ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’

It's the Melbourne artist's first new single of the year

Melbourne-based rapper Jerome Farah has released his first single of 2021, the punchy cut ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’.

Released today (August 6), the track bursts with energetic percussion, rapid-fire bars and brass elements throughout. It arrives alongside a zany music video, directed by Sanjay de Silva. The clip watches like something of a fever dream, with Farah portraying an array of colourful and creepy characters.

Check it out below.


Speaking of the track in a press statement, Farah said: “‘Concrete Jungle Fever’ is about not being the things that people want you to be.

“Even if you tick all their stereotypical boxes, it’s about being you, even if you upset people along the way.

“I wanted the video to be crazy and have uncontrollable energy like the song,” he added. “The references we had were Nutty Professor meets Friday, meets Fear And Loathings meets Busta Rhymes’ early 2000s videos.

“Each character I play represents the person people expect me to be and the video is a metaphor for how people’s perceptions of us can change, shape us or force us into roles we are uncomfortable with.”


Farah’s previous releases have been politically charged affairs, starting with his debut single ‘I Can’t Breathe’ back in June 2020. It was followed by ‘Mikey Might’ a month later, before the cheeky ‘Vibrate’ arrived in November.

He was among the winners of this year’s Levi’s Music Prize, alongside AshwaryaBirdz, Beddy Rays, Sycco and JK-47