Watch Josef Salvat play ‘First Time’ live in a London church

Taken from his forthcoming EP

Josef Salvat has uploaded a stirring live rendition of his track ‘First Time’, filmed at St Matthias Church in London.

By candlelight, Salvat accompanies himself on the piano, his voice flitting between lower and higher vocal registers.

Watch the clip below:


The Australian-born, London-based singer originally released ‘First Time’ earlier this year. It will appear on his forthcoming EP, ‘The Close/Le Réveil’, which is due to hit shelves on March 26, 2021.

“‘First Time’ looks at the enormous and overwhelming experience of first love and first loss,” Salvat said of the track in a press release.

Like the others on his forthcoming EP, the song was written this year, in the weeks spanning late August to mid-September.

“The urgency of [the EP’s writing phase] was in part a response to the stagnancy of 2020, and in part a response to it being the first time I’ve written music to directly process emotion, rather than reflect upon it after the fact,” Salvat explained.

“I essentially wrote my own breakup playlist.”


‘The Close/Le Réveil’ is set to arrive less than a year after the release of Salvat’s second album, ‘modern anxiety’.

The record hit shelves in May and included the singles ‘paper moons’, ‘in the afternoon’, ‘alone’, ’playground love’ and the title track.


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