Watch Juice Webster perform new single ‘Wanna Be Held’

The Melbourne songwriter has also announced a new EP, 'More Than Reaction', will arrive in April

Melbourne singer-songwriter Juice Webster has shared her new single ‘Wanna Be Held’ today, and announced her second EP ‘More Than Reaction’.

The songwriter’s latest song is a searing slow-burner that delicately builds to a rousing crescendo, with Webster’s voice floating above a wall of guitars.

It arrives alongside a live video that sees Webster performing the song at the Tote in Melbourne. Watch that below:


“I wrote ‘Wanna Be Held’ during a time when I was feeling really unsettled and reactive. I felt like my mind was constantly jumping between a hundred different things that I was struggling to make sense of, and all I was doing was reacting to what was happening around me,” Webster explained in a statement.

“The idea of being held in one place for a minute, by someone who I find comfort in, was very appealing and just about the only thing I could think of that would chill me out and slow me down.

“I wasn’t looking for anything to change, because when I really thought about it, there wasn’t anything that I wanted to be different. I just needed to be held still for a minute.”

Webster’s second EP, ‘More Than Reaction’, is set to arrive on April 16, following her debut last year with ‘You Who Was Myself’. In addition to ‘Wanna Be Held’, the new EP will also include previous single ‘Let the Dog Out’, which was released back in November.