Watch Justin Bieber, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon perform ‘Peaches’ using classroom instruments

A quirky cover of the 'Justice' track

Justin Bieber has been joined by The Roots and Jimmy Fallon for a special performance of his recent single ‘Peaches’ using classroom instruments – you can watch their rendition below.

The original track featured on Bieber’s latest album ‘Justice’, which was released last month.

Bieber joined The Roots and Fallon on the latter’s US chat show The Tonight Show last night (April 26) for a special remote performance of ‘Peaches’.


Bieber played on a toy piano during the performance, while Fallon contributed vocals and played a shaker and a kazoo. The Roots’ Questlove was on clappers, bongo and kazoo, while Black Thought alternated between playing a shaker and kazoo.

You can watch the special performance of ‘Peaches’ in the above video.

The use of classroom instruments follows on from previous Fallon and The Roots collaborations with the likes of Migos, Metallica and Adele.

Earlier this month Shawn Mendes shared an a cappella cover of ‘Peaches’ on his TikTok. Mendes and Bieber recently collaborated on ‘Monster’, a track from Mendes’ 2020 album ‘Wonder’.


Bieber followed up the release of ‘Justice’ earlier this month with the surprise EP ‘Freedom’.