Watch Killer Mike chat to Bernie Sanders about hopes for the US election

The Run The Jewels rapper has been a vocal supporter of Sanders

Killer Mike has spoken with US Senator Bernie Sanders about his hopes for the upcoming presidential election.

The vote for the next president of America will formally take place tomorrow (November 3), although many Americans have already voted via methods implemented to cut down on the risk imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Run The Jewels rapper discussed the imminent event with Sanders as part of Rolling Stone’s Fridays For Unity series. “I want the good guys to win, meaning the progressives that are within the party, and I want to see us stay active locally,” Mike told him.


“I think that, as important as this election is, more important is, after this Election Day, we plot, plan, strategise, organise and mobilise as progressives on the ground.”

Sanders said that while he didn’t think Democratic candidate Joe Biden would “solve all the problems”, he would “open the door to the kids of ideas we need to protect working families”.

Killer Mike noted that while he hadn’t spoken to Biden personally, he had had “a couple of conversations” with his Vice Presidential running mate Kamala Harris. “I’m very encouraged by her statements in terms of what she plans to do, and help this country do in terms of policy,” he said. “I’m very encouraged that, as a former prosecutor, that she wishes to steer us in a more restorative justice place.”

He also told Sanders that “the most beautiful thing in all of the tragedy of this year is many of your opponents – on the Democratic side and on the other side of the aisle – had to incorporate pieces of your policy” in order to be electable. Watch the conversation above now.


Meanwhile, Mike recently teamed up with WooDaRealest on a new track called ‘Greatness’, which is set to feature on a forthcoming compilation album from Pharrell’s creative collective i am OTHER in collaboration with SoundCloud.

On the song, the Run The Jewels rapper warns: “Ain’t no saviour coming, Black folks gotta save ourselves/ If it come to your life or a crooked copper don’t be slaughtered/ Word to Assata.