Watch King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s Stu Mackenzie get interviewed by children in 2014

He performs a rare acoustic version of 2014 track 'Vegemite'

A video interview with Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and two young fans in 2014 has emerged on YouTube.

Per a video description, the interview, intermittently disturbed by a household dog, was conducted for a school project. Mackenzie is cutely billed as being “Stu… from a Famous Band Called King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard”.

Mackenzie is asked about the formation of the band, his favourite gig to date (Meredith Music Festival and an unspecified Iceland festival) and his favourite song the band had recorded. At the end of the interview, Mackenzie performs an acoustic version of ‘Oddments’ track, ‘Vegemite’. Per Setlist FM, the band have not played the song live for nearly four years, with only six recorded performances ever.


Watch it below:

“‘Head On/Pill’ was a song that we did halfway through the band’s journey that maybe was a real turning point for the band,” Mackenzie said.

“We were sort of changing from a two minute, three chord garage rock band to more of an experimental, trying new things and new styles type of band and that song was really the crux of that.”

In a marathon Reddit AMA earlier this month to promote the release of the King Gizzard’s debut feature film Chunky Shrapnel, Mackenzie revealed the band were working on a “few” projects in isolation. The psych frontman said one of the new projects is “pretty chill”, another “kind of jazzy” and “some of it is microtonal”. He said the band is also “messing around with some more polymetric stuff”. Mackenzie was unsure which would come out first.


Last Friday, King Gizzard released the live double album ‘Chunky Shrapnel’, from the film of the same name.