Watch Maple Glider’s virtual NPR Tiny Desk concert

Tori Zietsch performed tracks from her debut album, 'To Enjoy Is The Only Thing'

Maple Glider is the latest act to perform a virtual Tiny Desk concert for NPR.

Filmed at her Melbourne home, Maple Glider’s Tori Zietsch performed ‘Mama It’s Christmas’, ‘As Tradition’, ‘Baby Tiger’ and ‘Good Thing’, from her debut album ‘To Enjoy Is The Only Thing’.

Watch the performance below:


In the video’s description, Tiny Desk producer Bob Boilen said he first became “enchanted” by Maple Glider when he heard her debut single ‘As Tradition’.

“It’s the first single she put out as Maple Glider, and it speaks to the loss of identity in both relationships and religion,” he said.

“On the lighter side, she refers to her talented band as “The Yeeehawwws” because they sing ultra country versions of her songs during rehearsals. There may come a time when levity becomes part of Maple Glider; for now, these heavy tunes, packed with thoughtful words and sung so longingly, are here to enjoy.”

Speaking to NME, Zietsch elaborated further on how growing up in a religious household influenced her music.


“Music was the way that I could connect and find something to talk about, unlike ‘What do you do on the weekend? Doorknocking?’” she said.

“Making music was the way out of The Religion. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pursue it if I was a part of this. And I was really fortunate I wasn’t going to get kicked out of my house for leaving.”