Watch Masked Wolf play a fugitive on the run in new ‘Say So’ video

The rapper's second single for the year arrived earlier this month

Masked Wolf has shared a new video for latest single ‘Say So’, which arrived earlier this month.

In the clip, the ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ rapper plays a fugitive on the run from police, following on from the video for previous single ‘Gravity Glidin’ back in June.

He eventually manages to sneak into a house party as a pizza delivery driver – only to be thwarted as a wanted poster is displayed on a TV and the cops storm in. Watch the Nick Kozakis-directed video below:


“It’s always important for me to say something with my music, even if the deeper message is hidden inside of what sounds like a fun, upbeat song,” Masked Wolf commented upon the release of ‘Say So’.

“I was writing about how, in times of trouble, we often try to act like we’re still okay, even when we really aren’t. No matter how bad the situation is or how close we are to self-destructing, we think that, if we keep telling ourselves we’re ok, then maybe we will be. We think ‘if we say so, then we say so..’ but really we need help.”

‘Say So’ and ‘Gravity Glidin’ mark the first new music from Masked Wolf since his 2019 track ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ got a second life as a trending song on TikTok.

The track has since gotten numerous remixes, including a version with American artists G-Eazy and DDG.


In April, the rapper told NME how he was feeling about his newfound fame, saying, “I don’t know what the world’s doing to me at the moment.

“I’m just on the surfboard. The wave’s there, and I’m just going along with it, wondering when the wave’s gonna stop and just enjoying the sun.”