Watch Miley Cyrus chant “Free Britney” during Las Vegas performance of ‘Party In The U.S.A.’

"We got to free this bitch. It’s stressing me the fuck out!"

Miley Cyrus has expressed support for Britney Spears during a recent Fourth Of July performance in Las Vegas, shouting “Free Britney” while singing ‘Party In The U.S.A.’.

Cyrus took to the stage at the opening of Resorts World, where she performed a slew of hits including ‘Party In The U.S.A.’. At one point while performing the 2010 song, Cyrus changes the lyrics to reference Spears, singing, “The taxi man turned on the radio, he turned to me and said, ‘Free Britney, Free Britney!'”

She later sang, “The Jay-Z song – honestly, fuck Jay-Z. Free Britney! Free, free, free, free Britney!”


Cyrus then clarified that she meant no hate towards Jay-Z, telling the crowd, “We love Jay-Z, but we got to free this bitch. It’s stressing me the fuck out!”

Watch clips of the performance below.

Cyrus later doubled down on her support for Spears in a tweet, sharing an edited version of ‘Party In The U.S.A.’. “Land of the #FreeBritney,” she wrote.


Cyrus has been a vocal supporter of the fan-created #FreeBritney movement since as early as 2019, when she chanted the slogan during a Memphis performance of ‘Party In The U.S.A.’

Earlier this year, she shouted “We love Britney” during a pregame performance at the Super Bowl, where she also was joined by Joan Jett and Billy Idol.

A slew of other artists and celebrities have rallied behind ending Spears’ controversial conservatorship, including Christina Aguilera, Dionne Warwick, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey and more.

Spears’ conservatorship has garnered significant public interest throughout the past few months following the release of documentary Framing Britney Spears.

However, public support for Spears was amplified following an emotional testimony Spears gave to court last month, in which she called the conservatorship “abusive”, claimed she’s forbidden from marrying, having children or removing her IUD, among other allegations.

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