Watch Miley Cyrus perform Dua Lipa collaboration ‘Prisoner’ on ‘Kimmel’

The performance was minus Dua, but contained a host of green screen magic

Miley Cyrus has performed her Dua Lipa collaboration ‘Prisoner’ on US television – watch the Kimmel performance below.

Though the performance came without an appearance from Dua, it did feature all manner of green screen magic.

In the ‘Prisoner’ performance, Miley took up her new rockstar persona, while behind her, a super-imposed version of herself danced with skeletons, pined for the return of live music and much, much more.


Watch the ‘Prisoner’ performance below.

She also spoke to host Jimmy Kimmel from her home studio in LA, discussing her new haircut among other things. “All of us had to adjust [in quarantine]. A lot of things shutting down, keeping us from doing our standard routines. One of them was going to get a haircut for me.

“My mom offered — I already had bangs, bangs were getting long — she said, ‘I can cut your hair but I only know how to do one hairstyle. And I’ve been doing this since 1992 for your dad and your brothers.’ All my mom can do is a mullet. So I had one option and I needed it.”

Reviewing Miley’s Dua Lipa collaboration ‘Prisoner’, NME wrote: “Packed with attitude and big on Thelma and Louise energy, the track gives Dua’s excitably shiny ‘Future Nostalgia’ space to shine without forcing Miley out of the spotlight. They elevate each other rather than competing. If only every collaboration had this balance.”


‘Prisoner’ appears on Miley Cyrus’ new album ‘Plastic Hearts’, which NME said saw Cyrus “reborn as a freewheeling rock’n’roller”.

Since the album’s release, Cyrus has complained about fans being unable to get their hands on physical copies of the new album.

The singer released her seventh album on Friday November 27. However, with it being Black Friday, a number of retailers in the US opted to only stock sale items and so ‘Plastic Hearts’ was nowhere to be seen.

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