Watch Northlane’s new “raw and uncensored” documentary

Sydney metalcore band Northlane have shared a new documentary ‘Negative Energy’, directed by Neal Walters.

‘Negative Energy’ chronicles the turbulent making of their fifth studio album ‘Alien’, its subsequent promotional world tour and “insurmountable struggles” the band have faced over the last few years.

Watch it below:



“Negative Energy is the story of a band on the brink of collapse,” reads the Youtube synopsis.

“What you know about the obstacles this band and lead singer Marcus Bridge have faced only scratches the surface.”

When Walters shared the film on his Instagram, he said the film was “raw and uncensored”.

“When I first met with the guys about how we should tell their story, we all agreed that we didn’t want a massively polished and produced product; it needed to be the story of how it really has been and nothing else,” he wrote.


In a post to their social media sharing the film, Northlane said the film was produced over a two year period.

“There’s things in here we never thought we’d speak about. It’s incredible [sic] revealing for us,” they wrote.

“We hope it inspires you to stay strong in your own lives in these troubled times we are living through.”

Northlane’s last studio album ‘Alien’ arrived in 2019. The band are currently set to tour Europe in June of this year, however it is unclear whether coronavirus travel restrictions will force the band to cancel or postpone.